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Government Compliance

DCAA and FAR Accounting Compliance  with DELTEK VISION

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Deltek Vision’s financial reporting, consolidation, and analysis solution enables firms of all sizes to quickly and seamlessly consolidate financial data across organizations including historical transactions from legacy systems.

Government Contractors in particular, must maintain and close their books and then report financial results with confidence. To integrate financial and operating results from multiple departments into one view—without delays—finance managers need a single and reliable version of the results.


  • Improve financial data integrity
  • Increase firm and departmental accountability
  • Produce interactive financial statements
  • Simplify compliance and reporting specified by regulatory requirements

Deltek Vision provides governmental contractors with financial reporting and analysis solutions that run on today’s Web technology, but is used and maintained by the Accounting Manager and his department. Financial reporting and analysis can be dramatically improved, the financial close and reporting process reduced substantially. CFO’s and Controllers can move from the role of bean counter to business partner—delivering financial analysis that supports strategic and operational management decisions.

See example below for how to Report & Calculate the Overhead Rate from your actuals right out of Deltek Vision:

Meets Standard DCAA, FAR and other Government Compliance guidelines.