Deltek Vision Software Application Consultant


I do "System Enhancements" for firms using Deltek Vision.  This includes a complete System Configuration Review, Automation of all daily, weekly & monthly processing.  Reporting Needs are reviewed, identified then created and systematically delivered.  A refresher Training course is provided for all users.

As with most software, there are always deficiencies that require a solution.  I promise to find a solution that works best for you with Deltek Vision. 

Unlike some consultants, I have many years of experience in "the Real World" working in Professional Engineering Service Firms making it possible to understand your needs.  As a former controller who has implemented Deltek Vision many times, I provide training from an accountants perspective including details about daily, weekly and monthly requirements.  If your business is project based, I can help you identify any special needs of your company and implement additional features  that work for you.  In other words, I've "been there, done that".

Implementation (Planning, Testing, "Go Live")

We know how important a successful implementation is to your firm.  We have been thru many Deltek Implementations, some of them were significant in size.  Most recently, bring over 10 years of data from Deltek FMS (Wind2) to Deltek Vision.    

Whether you are automating for the first time or moving from another legacy system or a combination of systems, we will help you address all your requirements, and put together the plan that gets you where you want to go at a price you can afford.

Some of the services we can help with are: 

  • Special Reporting & Design with SQL Reporting Services
  • Import Fee Schedules for Fee Billed Projects
  • Import Payroll History
  • System Enhancements with Sql Stored Procedures
  • Planning & Implementation
  • Data Conversions 
  • Multi-Company
  • Multi-Currency
  • Cash Basis Set Up and Accounting (See my blog: )
  • Acquisitions
  • Training

Acquisitions (Conversion & Merger of Data)

We know how important the successful merger of any acquisition can be to your company.  We have been involved in many successful acquisitions over the past 15 years.  We can help merge the data into one single data base and quickly assist with the training required after the merge.

Other Services (Special Reports & Processes)

  • Unique & Enhanced Report Design 
  • Subledger Report Reconciliation to General Ledger
  • Online Project Summaries
  • Project Manager Web Pages
  • Web Publication of Reports
  • Automated Data Entry
  • SQL Stored Procedures
  • Multi-Companies
  • Multi-Currencies
  • Part Time Controller & Accounting
  • Consulting 

Visionary Financial Concepts

Built from the experience of 20 years and three established businesses, I have designed training and developed procedures learned over a number of installs.  Implemented in our system, it allows me to assist each client with it's unique requirements. 

Our Business Philosophy

To pass on the knowledge and provide the training gained from our experiences with Vision and to assist others by enhancing the final product that helps them manage their business.